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    Return From Nested Conversation and Last Element of @DataMod

    Amin Abbaspour Newbie


      When I return from a nested conversation (via its @End method) to the higher level and inside the nested conversation I've added a new element to the @DataModel of the parent conversation (e.g. A subconversation that adds elements to the list), and when this newly added element is the LAST one in the data-model list (what a long situation:), then it is SHOWN but the first click on the element does NOTHING. I've to click on it twice to invoke the related action method.

      Well, I'm sorry that the situation to regenerate this case is a bit long but it's a matter that should be solved...

      I dono whether this is a bug of my application or Seam. but i guess it is some how related to seam since when I place the newly added element somewhere else in the @DataModel list then it works.

      I decided to return to the dady's list page with but that one does not solve it too.

      Thanks for Attention