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    how to build an deploy seam-applications in eclipse

    Matthias Wagner Newbie

      I found a wiki-page which describes how to debug a seam example-application inside eclipse. If I follow this howto, I only import the java-sources and library-files to eclipse (not the xhtml-files and other stuff). If I make a change to a java - class, I have to run ant in a console for compile and deploy the application to jboss. This way of developping takes too much time.I search for a way to manage the whole .ear-Project in eclipse and use the "deploy" - feature of the context menu. I tried eclipse3.1.1, JBossIde1.5.1 and WTP1.0.2RC1. But It seams to me that WTP cannot handle EJB3.0 - Projects and with JBossIde I cannot manage .ear-projects. Could someone give me an hint how I can handle an EJB3/seam-application in eclipse?

      Thanks in advance