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    Deliver Image stored in seam variable

    eekboom Newbie

      This couldn't be that hard, could it?
      At least I have a hard time explaining to my boss why it's not that easy:

      When a user logs in to our application, he chooses one of several companies to work with. A company entity has an associated image that I can retrieve from the DB just well.

      Now how can I deliver that image, so that it can be used in jsp/html, for example in "" ?

      I tried writing a servlet, but from there I don't have access to the seam context that contains the current company.

      I tried writing a jsf page that contains inline code that calls a method that appends the data to the out stream. That sort of works, but I get lots of ugly errors in the log (like "response.getOutputStream() has already been called").

      Any hints?