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    Internet Explorer 6 blocks downloads

    Martin Capote Newbie

      Hi, sorry for my english, I speak spanish.

      I have a commandButton for download a PDF file (internally redirects to a servlet, which generate the PDF). In firefox works well, but in IE6 the download is blocked (the message ""To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer" appears in the Information Bar")

      I found this recommendation:

      "To resolve this problem, make sure that downloads that are hosted on the Web site do not open a file download automatically. Start file downloads on a Web site through HTML hyperlinks or through HTML buttons that require direct user action so that the user must click a link on the Web page to access the file download. If you use a script to move to the resource, the script must run synchronously within the context of the OnClick event handler for the link."

      but I dont know how 'translate' this recommendation into JSF/JS/Java code.

      Somebody knows how solve this problem? (without hacking the windows registry, please!)

      Thanks in advanded