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    resuming parent conversations

    Keith Naas Newbie

      We have a screen where the user can enter an id into a field or search for the id by clicking a link. My approach to this was to have a s:link button that nests a conversation when the user clicks the search button. After fixing a small problem in the HtmlLink class (see [http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBSEAM-222]JBSEAM-222[/url]), I was able to get the nesting to occur correctly.

      However, I need to be able to pop the user back to the parent conversation if they click a cancel button when they are on the search screen. This could be done in one of two ways:

      1. Add a method to my search component that uses the same switch conversation technique as the Switcher component.
      2. Use a simple s:link that would switch the user back to the parent conversation.

      I would prefer using the s:link since it is so much simpler. How do I do this?

      I would expect the following code to do this :

       value="Cancel" action="#{conversation.pop}"
       styleClass="button" style="button"/>

      However, Conversation.pop() only swapsthe workspace. Shouldn't it also do a redirect just like the Switcher component? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the use of the Conversation.pop() method.