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    POJO bijection

    Francesco Mondora Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm new to Seam and I'm starting in understanding how bijection works.

      Current scenario is:
      a jsf button is linked to a start() method on a session bean stateless where
      there is declared:
      PojoA pojoA = new PojoA("frank pojo a");

      public String start() {
      PojoB b = new PojoB();
      return "nothing by now";

      PojoA is:
      public class PojoA {

      public PojoA() {
      this.a="empty a";

      private String a;

      public PojoA(String a) {

      public void doA(String withWho){
      System.out.println("AAAA --> pojoa doing a with value: "+a+" from: "+withWho);

      and PojoB is:
      public class PojoB {

      PojoA pojoA;

      public PojoA getPojoA() {
      return pojoA;

      public void setPojoA(PojoA pojoA) {
      this.pojoA = pojoA;

      public void doB(){
      System.out.println("b doing b");


      Everytime start() is called and pojoB is called, pojoA is not injected
      and the create=true annotation value is not considered throwing a NullPointerExcetpion (pojoA is null).

      I think I'm missing something.

      What am I missing?

      Thanks to all