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    FacesMessages doesn't work with redirects from Get-Requests

    Andreas Berger Newbie


      I got an activation page (where a user can activate his account with a link from an email). this page is defined in pages.xml as followed:

       <page view-id="/activate.xhtml" action="#{activateCustomer.check}"/>

      The check method contains following code:

      return "login";

      and the navigation-case in faces-config.xml is this one:


      The redirect works fine but the Stored Message is not diplayed!
      If I don't configure the redirect in faces-config.xml I get the Message.
      If I try the same thing with an action (invoked via post) the Message is displayed after the redirect.
      I'm not quite shure but I think the Message stored in conversation scope is cleared to early.
      Gavin can you have a look at this?

      - Andreas