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    parallel root conversations?

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      i'm not quite sure but i thing that my requirement are hierachical conversations(which are not supported by seam at the moment)
      Nevertheless, i ask my question:
      How to achieve parallel root conversations?
      The posting
      implies for me that parallel conversations are possible, even as root conversation. But how to achieve them?

      If i use an annotation @Begin i get an exception that a long running conversation is already active and i should use join=true.

      My app has the need to select a project. Every state of the app is associated with this project. The users can select an other project to work with at any time.
      I see 2 possibilitys to implement this:
      1. parallel root conversatations (Now the user is able to switch between projects)

      2. After selecting a new project, the app must reset its state. This includes the destroying of all existing conversations.

      I am standing on my own feet:-) (do not have any idea to implement one of these choices.

      The user has selected from a menu the entry 'select project' This leads to a page where a project could be choosen and set. The called action listener should begin a new root conversation but how can i achieve this?