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    a4j:commandLink does not work in reRendered panelGroup

    Andreas Koch Newbie

      in the source below, when I click on the second Link "Test" the action "userProfileAction.saveMetaData" is not executed. It seems that cklicking on that link has now effect at all.
      The logic is as folow:
      - click on checkbox
      - click in "Result"
      - this reRenders the "out" outputpanel, now with an additional outputpanel and with a new link "Test".
      - clicking on the new link "Test" does not work.
      Andy Ideas?


      <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="remember" value="#{TestBean.value}" />
      <a4j:commandLink value="Result" reRender="out" />

      <h:panelGroup id="out">
      <h:panelGroup rendered="#{TestBean.value}">
      <a4j:form >
      <a4j:commandLink action="#{userProfileAction.saveMetaData()}"