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    Seam messages example

    Scott Dawson Apprentice

      I'm trying to run the Seam messages example app and so far I'm not able to get it to work. The registration example runs correctly so my environment seems to be more-or-less correct. I'm running Seam 1.0.0.CR2 on app server 4.0.4.CR2 installed with the EJB3 profile. I'm using the default Hypersonic datasource.

      What I see is that the MessageManagerBean.findMessages method, which is annotated with @Factory("messageList"), works correctly, in other words, it pulls two rows from the database. But the messageList variable in the JSP is never initialized. In fact, for every occurrence of messageList in the JSP, the @Factory method is called. So, the connection between the data in the MessageManagerBean and the JSP is not happening.

      Does anyone know what the problem might be? If I figure it out, I'll post back the solution.