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    Using qualified names in pages.xml

    dave atkins Newbie


      We're embarking on using seam for a fairly large web front end, so we want to use qualified names to identify all seam components.

      Unfortunatly, if i try to refer to one of these components in pages.xml to provide the title for a conversation, it doesn't work. When trying

      <page view-id="/modules/staff/edit.xhtml">#{seam$staff$StaffEditAction.description}</page>

      I get the following appearing as this cookie trail entry

      <a ... lots of faces js ...>staff$StaffEditAction.description}</a>

      Any ideas? do you not use the dollar notation in pages.xml? I've tried putting a slash before each dollar with no avail as it appears that it is some kind of parsing issue that the dollar is causing.


      Dave Atkins