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    Seam and Resin

    Jan Heise Newbie


      to get Seam CR2 running with Resin 3.0.19 I had to change the lookup of the UserTransaction in Transaction.java. Resin seems to not throw a NameNotFoundException but instead returns null if the name is not found. I also had to extract the META-INF-dir from jsf-facelets.jar and had to put it into WEB-INF/classes, but that's a known bug of Resin.

      Perhaps this info is helpful to others.


      public static UserTransaction getUserTransaction() throws NamingException
      UserTransaction t = (UserTransaction) Naming.getInitialContext().lookup(userTransactionName);
      if( t == null ) t = (UserTransaction) Naming.getInitialContext().lookup(STANDARD_USER_TRANSACTION_NAME);
      return t;
      catch (NameNotFoundException nnfe)
      return (UserTransaction) Naming.getInitialContext().lookup(STANDARD_USER_TRANSACTION_NAME);