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    Trouble with @Out and @DataModel getting to the Facelet page

    Victor Lewis Newbie

      I have a sample Seam application that has a page with an @Out, a @DataModel with a @Factory and a getter for a simple value.

      When I access the Facelet page I can get the value from the getter (e.g. myPage.value) but the data from the @Out and @DataModel don't get to the the page or into the context (I made a debug function to print the names in each context, the names of the @Out and the @DataModel context variable don't get into the context. I do know that the @Factory for the @DataModel is being called because of a System.out in the @Factory method.

      My guess is that I have missed some point of configuration that hooks Seam's context variables to the render response phase of the JSF call but I cannot figure out what that is.

      Please, if you have any idea what I have failed to do or how I might further debug this issue please respond.

      I am using: Seam from the HEAD of CVS and JBoss 4.0.4GA EJB3 configuration.

      Thank You,