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    conversationStack / conversationList

    ryan dewell Novice

      I've been using @Begin and @End for a while now, in what I consider very basic ways. All works relatively well. In an effort to get a deeper understanding of conversations and perhaps use them in a more advanced way, I tried to see what was going on under the covers:

      <ui:repeat value="#{conversationStack}" var="entry">
      <ui:repeat value="#{conversationList}" var="entry">

      Although on each GET converation.id increments and displays (I know I can change this by propogating it eventually), and on each POST conversation.id displays the same, I would expect it to list out entries in the conversationStack/conversationList. However, no li's are ever listed for either.

      What's the precondition that I might be missing for seeing conversations inside conversationStack/conversationList? I thought a @Begin would be sufficient?