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    ScrollableDataTable. Autoscroll Problem. Selection-Problem

    Buttau Alexander Newbie

      I have detected two problems concerning ScrollableDataTable.

      I have created a Project that recreates these two problems. The project has only one page.
      The page has a ScrollableDataTable with page size 30 (attribute row="30") bound to an array with 32 Items and a CommandButton that rerenders a Panel with a ScrollableDataTable inside and shows the current selection with 'javascript:alert(...)'.

      Problem 1: Autoscroll Problem

      1. You scroll down to the bottom.
      2. Now you scroll to the top
      3. After rerendering the ScrollableDataTable by clicking on CommandButton, it will automatically scroll down to the bottom after rendering.

      Problem 2: Selection-Problem

      Under some circumstances the selection of ScrollableDataTable gets corrupt.
      Here is the Test-Case to recreate this Problem:

      1. Call Page. No item selected
      2. Now scroll to the bottom. (Row C-31 is shown)
      3. Select an Item (for example C-25) and click on CommandLink "Selection"
      4. The ScrollableDataTable is not properly rendered. No header is visible, and all columns are shown on the place of the first column. Probably a bug too? BUT IT IS NOT A PROBLEM YET.
      5. Now F5 to reload a Page. The Table is rendered correct. But the Row C-27 has selection (Row C-25 was selected)
      6. If you select a row now and click CommandButton "Selection" it shows always the wrong id. This id differs from really selected by 2. For example you select 30 => it shows 28.

      Tested with Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7.

      Does somebody have the same problem or probably a solution or a workaround for this problem?

      I have also opened an issue in jira https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-5054