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    passing parameters to facesMessages.addFromResourcebundle?

    dave atkins Newbie


      I've been having a problem adding dynamic content to a message that will be shown after the completion of a nest conversation.

      The setup up is this ...

      The top level converstaion shows all people
      The next level conversation provides a form to add a person

      On adding the person, the lower conversation is ended and the browser redirected to the previous converstaion. On this return to the top level conversation i want to show a message 'Succesfully added user insertusernamehere'. Unfortunatly, the only way i know of adding dynamic text to a messag resource is using an inline JSF EL, like so...

      add_person_message=Succesfully added #{person.name}

      this doesn't work, because the new person object is no longer in scope (was only used in the lower level conversation).

      In struts i would of solved this by passing an array of parameters on the equivelent of facesMessages.addFromResourceBundle(), such that

      add_person_message=Sucessfully added %0% would work.

      Am i missing something here?

      Cheers, and thanks for the cool framework, really enjoying using it!