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    Using Velocity or XSLT Templates in Seam

    Daniel Hinojosa Master

      I am transporting over a web framework action over to a session bean to use in Seam. The webframework action transformed either a Velocity template or a XSLT into an email that I can send out. Now that my service is on the session bean instead of a web framework action, how do I get a velocity template or XSLT template into the session bean for transformation. Before as a web action I used to do something like this:

      Properties properties = new Properties();
      String realPath = servletContext.getRealPath("WEB-INF");
      properties.put("file.resource.loader.path", realPath);

      This would retrieve all the velocity templates from the WEB-INF directory. Now there is no dependency of the WEB-INF or servletContext. Does anyone have any strategy for something like this?