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    seam + jbpm + portal + IPC + facelets + jsf

    Danijel Jevtic Novice

      Hi everyone.
      First of all let me say, that seam + portal + myfaces are one of the best solutions I've come across since the invention of the soap-on-a-roap.

      Having successfully developed a couple of portlets with the above mentioned technologies, I do have a (small) suggestion for improving this combination a large step ahead.

      It would be great if we (the programmers) could define a target in the page element of the pageflow, which in turn would not render the current portlet but instead the target portlet.

      We've created a ViewHandler based on the SeamViewHandler and the FaceletViewHandler to be able to handle Facelets and JSPs in the same app, however communication between the portlets using pageflow has been quite problematic. This improvement would ease the development of IPC portlets a lot.

      What do you think? Does this make sense to anyone else?

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          Viet Master

          Could you describe the simplest use case for this ?

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            Danijel Jevtic Novice

            one of the simplest cases would be, being able to use the number guess example in two portlets.
            One portlet allowing the user to enter a number and the other (larger) portlet showing, whether the guessed number was correct or not.

            Being as simple as that I will come up with a somewhat more complicated (Master/Detail) UseCase later today, so that I can explain the real-life value add, this would bring.

            Kind regards,

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              Danijel Jevtic Novice

              Ok, here goes. Imagine a trading portal (the project I'm currently working on ;-) where buyers, sellers, and producers come together to trade goods and services. Depending on the portal role, each person has different portlets that they can see.

              The simplest use case in this portal application is browsing a category tree (myfaces' tree2) in one portlet and having the products of that category displayed on another portlet. If it was one web-application (and it used to be) the pageflow definitions were perfect. However, now we can't use the pageflow navigation for the last node anymore and have to programmatically pass the selected category into IPC so that the target portlet knows which category was selected.

              Again if i click on one of the products I might want to see the detailed view, however in current seam implementation these details must be displayed in the same portlet window, because I can't @Out the selected product into another portlet.

              Having written this (and confused even myself) I think that what I really want is being able to @Out variables into the Interportlet Communication API for use with other portlets in the portal :-)

              Yes, that's it! The pageflow I mentioned earlier would be a beautiful goodie, too, though.

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                Roy Russo Master

                So have you tried using Seam + the IPC API?

                I am fairly certain that IPC + MyFacesGenericPortlet works. As for Seam-IPC, I have not tried yet.

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                  Danijel Jevtic Novice

                  Roy, sorry for not answering earlier. I was out of town without internet.
                  Honestly, I don't quite know how to try Seam-IPC. How would I do an @Out into the IPC?

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                    Sebastian Rose Newbie


                    me is new to jboss portal and i search for an example with the mentioned technologies.

                    we have a few jsf portlets and now try to have communication between them. where i can read something about IPC with JSF Portlets. the examples and tutorials i found so far, talk about portlets with an own portlet- class using getActionURL()- method.

                    another question is about pageflows. where i can find an example with a portlet managed by pageflow files. we have a solution with pageflows in a web- app, but none of our portlets works with pageflows.