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    Link to fragment identifier

    Martin Söderström Newbie

      Is there a way I can supply information about a fragment identifier (e.i. my_page.seam#chapter1 to make the browser scroll to chapter 1) in any of the JSF/Seam link tags or by means of the navigations rules?

      I also want to be able to supply request parameters.

      I can get <h:outputLink> to work when not using nested <f:param>, but the conversionId is lost then. I haven't got <s:link> working.

      I use Seam and Facelets with MyFaces. Is this doable? What am I missing?

      Below is a sample of what I'm trying to do:

      <h:outputLink value="account_view.seam#testFragment">
      <h:graphicImage value="dummy.gif"/>