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    Elegant way to make Seam components "visible"?

    berserksangr Newbie


      First of all, thank you for this great piece of software!

      I use Eclipse and WTP in my project. Using this I have a robust and comfortable way to deploy my application assembled from several projects into Tomcat in a blink of the eye. Well almost... I cannot force Seam to recognize my @Name-annotated components in any other way than putting them into jar that have empty seam.properties in it. It's painfull to follow the compress-to-jar-then-deploy process over and over again when developing rappidly, it simply doesn't integrate with the WTP goodies...
      Is there no other way? Any less painfull (pure-classpath-oriented?) solution for this? I would prefer the Hibernate Annotations approach... It plays good in any environment...