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    @Datamodel in Seam RC3

    Aaron Smith Newbie

      I am in the process of upgrading my project from jboss 4.0.4.RC1 Seam Beta 2 to 4.0.4GA Seam RC3.

      At this stage I seem to have overcome everything except one problem, @Datamodel doesn't seem to be working. All my datatables are displaying empty. I know that the lists are successfully being populated from the database, but for some reason aren't being outjected to the page. There are no errors, the datatable simply just doesn't show any data. If I change my code to not use @Datamodel, i.e. <h:datatable value="#{myBean.myList}... then the data is displayed successfully.

      Has there been any changes that affect the usage of @Datamodel? I have looked at the examples and I can't see any difference.