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    Upgrading from CVS to CR3

    Andrew Apprentice

      I saw that "validate" and "validateAll" were added so I thought I would try upgrading. I am current using CVS somewhere around the release of CR1-CR2 (it prints beta 2 in the startup log). I am using the embedded-EJB container with Tomcat 5.5.17.

      After I upgraded, my tomcat start time went from ~20-30 seconds to ~2 minutes (the major problem is during the deployment of the EJB entities).

      When I went to access my site, I got NullPointerExceptions. It looks like the exception was due to a null EntityManager. I am using the extended manager, so my beans have:

      private EntityManager entityManager;

      Unfortunately, I am near a release so couldn't afford the time to troubleshoot, so I rolled back and can't get any more details at the moment.

      Just curious if there were any compatibility breaking changes (besides the package changing on @Intercetpors) that may have caused the above symptoms? (BTW - I didn't change any of my code, or my setup at all, just updated the Jars and the embedded-ejb conf files)