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    Share data between portlets for each user session

    Endre Midtgaard Meckelborg Newbie


      I'm pretty new to Seam, so maybe this is an easy question, but I haven't found out how to solve it.

      I have a Seam portlet application deployed i JBoss Portal, that defines a page with two portlets that should share some information for the user visiting the page.

      I have tried to share data with the ApplicationContext. This works but the data is available for all users. But when I try to use the SessionContext instead, the data is only available in the portlet where I set the attribute. Shouldn't it be available for the whole user session; both portlets?

      Do I have to use the "javax.portlet.PortletSession" with application scope instead? If so, do anybody have an example how to access it from Seam? I miss some documentation here...

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.4.GA, Seam 1.0.0.GA and JBoss Portal 2.4.0-BETA1.

      Thanks for advice :)