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    JBoss Seam DVD Store bug?!

    T8nn Talvik Newbie

      I'll describe shortly what I've done:
      1) login; start shopping; add something to cart
      2) checkout + purchase + confirm
      3) open "my orders" in 2 tabs (or windows)
      4) now canceling in tab 1 works
      5) but trying to cancel the same order in the second tab fails: javax.servlet.ServletException: Exception while invoking expression #{showorders.cancelOrder}

      I know it shouldn't work, but I think that this kind of error is the last thing that a customer wants to see..

      but the horror continues:
      1) close the first tab (the one w/o error)
      2) in the second tab: click "back" button, click "show details" and then "logout"
      3) login again and take a look at "my orders" - you'll see that the order status is "open". We all know that it's already cancelled and cancelling it again will result in an error, but the confused customer will try it again,again,again....(infinite loop?? :P)

      (I'm not a native English speaker, so pardon :))