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    Seam Conversion List

    Iain Falconer Newbie

      I am prototyping the use of seam conversations for a conversion of a traditional client/server application. It certainly provides the functionality we are looking for, but I have a little problem which I was hoping someone could shed some light on. In particular whether it's intended functionality, possibly something I'm doing wrong, or a bug/limitation.

      It's fairly simple really. We have a requirment to initiate a conversation for a user action, initiated from a main navigator. The user then has the option to switch between conversations... all pretty straight forward.

      The long-running conversation gets created fine, but on return to the screen it does not yet appear in the conversation list, queried via an AJAX request. Only after performing another action from the page does it appear in the list.

      I expected it to appear following the initial response, since the conversation context does exist at that point ?

      Could this have something to do with the conversation / page URL assocation, which is not established until another request from that page is submitted ??

      Any suggestions would be gratefully received....