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    beginner question: Bijection problems

    sonja löhr Newbie

      I don't manage to outject some entity from one sfsb into session context and inject it in the next sfsb.

      In the first sfsb I have a Datamodel and :

      @Out(scope = ScopeType.SESSION, required=false) @In(create=true)
      private Board board;

      In a select() method I can verify that the Board instance updates correctly. select() navigates to another page wich also shows up the correct data for the board if I reference it in JSF.
      BUT: There is another sfsb used in that page which has

      @In @Out(scope=ScopeType.SESSION, required=false)
      private Board board;

      But in an action method of the second sfsb board is always null! If I try to fetch it programmatically (Contexts.getSessionContext().get("board"), I get the old instance, not the one just selected.

      (Both sfsbs are in session context and the Board entity is, too.)

      What am i missing about Injection??

      Many thanks for help!