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    Internet Explorer dies : "Operation aborted" with RichFaces

    Gabriel Kastenbaum Newbie

      Hi everyOne ,

      We are currently using richfaces 3.2.1.GA
      On several pages we have an issue with Internet Explorer IE6 and IE7 .
      Randomly the browser gives an alert popup saying "can not open this site XXX. Operation aborted" . Then IE just ... dies !

      It seems to be the same problem as described here:

      To me it is the calendar element who is the No1 suspect.
      Do you also have these kind of problems?
      I can not find any message in the Forum or any bug track talking about this issue. Strange...

      How do you deal with it?

      We use :
      - JSF Sun 1.2
      - richfaces 3.2.1.GA