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    Beginner Question : how to configure the database

    holgerprause Newbie


      i am very new to seam and ejb.
      As far as i uderstand the samples, instead writing traditional hibernate xml files,ejb 3.0 uses annotations for this.

      Ok so far so good.
      What i am trying for a while now i to get the "seam-registration" running on a custom mysql database on my computer.

      How can i tell seam to use this mysql- database intead of the one its currently using.

      I took a look at persistence.xml

      org.hibernate.ejb.HibernatePersistence <!--jta-data-source>jdbc:mysql://</jta-data-source-->

      but i dont really know what to change there and what effect it will have.
      I noticed the "seam-booking" example has a file called

      "booking-ds.xml" which looks like it is the sort of file i need.

      Can u help me getting the "seam-registration" example running on my own database.When i got this - i cant right start away.

      Thank u very much,