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    Action not triggered

    Goran Ehrsson Newbie

      What should I look for when trying to find why an action is not called?
      I have a commandLink in an edit screen, but nothing happens when I click the button. Well... the company edit page redisplays and conversationId is disappears from the URL, but I'm not redirected to the start page as I expect.
      Once entered, I cannot leave this edit page. No actions are triggered.
      I have compared this code with other code that works but I cannot find a difference. I have put a breakpoint in the action method and it is not entered. Now I'm out of clues and don't know where to look anymore.
      I use latest and greatest of everything, jboss, seam, facelets...
      Here are some code fragments:

      <h:commandLink action="#{companyEditor.back}"><img id="backbutton" src="/static/img/back.png"/></h:commandLink>

      The bean:
      public class CompanyEditorBean implements CompanyEditor {

      The action method that is supposed to be called:
      public String back() {
       return "back";

      Navigation case in faces-config.xml:
       <redirect />
       <redirect />