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    Return to the page where I came from?


      I have 2 pages: item_list.xhtml and item_detail.xhtml. User can modify the item detail when clicked a link in item_list page. In item_detail page, user modifies the item details and submit the changes by triggering myItemAction.submitChange(). Once the changes have been made, the user will be directed to item_list page again. In the submitChange() method, we can simply return a string that pointed to item_list page. This approach is OK in this case.

      In some cases, there might be multiple entrances to item_detail e.g. item_feature_list.xhtml, item_history_list.xhtml... In the submitChange() method, things are not that easy anymore because we don't know what page we should go. Is there anyway to return to something like "where_I_came_from_previously".