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    Richfaces UI calendar component

    Laurent Morissette Newbie

      Hello fellows users
      I need and advice in using richfaces calendar component.
      Suppose I want to restrain selectable dates withing a given range I'd simply have to do:

      [...]value="#{subProject.startDate}" datePattern="#{messages['DatePattern']}" preloadDateRangeBegin="#{subProject.project.startdate}" preloadDateRangeEnd="#{subProject.project.enddate}">

      Right ?

      But as i see it there is no messages prompted to the user to alert that selected date is out of range

      is there a way to notify user or I'm missing something ?

      Also I would like to raise a usability issue

      as it is now, end user can still pick a date out of range (but it is not applied which is correct)

      But the way I thought it should be is that every single date that isn't
      within the range should be disabled by that we would avoid confusing the user when he tries to set a date...

      Is my issue valid ?

      Please fell free to share ideas regarding this issue as well as my validation issue :)

      Thank you!