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    Migration from Back base to Ricfaces

    Jignesh Dhua Newbie


      Currently, I'm working on project which is in backbase, i want to migrate it in richfaces,

      I'm facing too many problems in it..

      In backbase, codding something like this in my project,

      for tree,

      <bjsf:tree id="devices-tree" label="Device Tree"
       selected="true" open="false"

      Backing bean is.

      public class BackingBean implements HttpSessionBindingListener
       private TreeBackingBean deviceTree;
       public TreeBackingBean getDeviceTree()
       return deviceTree;

      Here TreeBackingBean is abstract class, code is,

      public abstract class TreeBackingBean implements HttpSessionBindingListener
       private UIBackbaseTree tree;
       public UIBackbaseTree getTree()
       return tree;
       public void setTree(UIBackbaseTree tree)
       tree = tree;
       public abstract void selectTreeElement(SelectEvent event);

      Implementation of selectTreeElement() is in this class,

      public class DeviceTreeBackingBean extends TreeBackingBean
       public void selectTreeElement(SelectEvent event)
       //execute when tree element is select

      Now, i want to convert it in richfaces with similar structure of codding..

      I've changed selectListener to nodeSelectListener in tree, UIBackbaseTree to HtmlTree and SelectEvent to NodeSelectEvent for migration back base to richfaces. But it is not working..

      How to resolve problem??
      Is there any other option doing this? there are also many methods in these classes, but its not related with backbase or richfaces.

      Please Help me...

      Jignesh Dhua