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    About Breadcrumbs

    Richard Leherpeur Novice


      I try to implement the following behaviour using the seam framework:

      Let say I need to implement an administrator module. One operation the admin can perform is the creation of user.
      When clicking on a "Create new user" button, a conversation is started. The creation page shows up and also display the breadcrumbs (by iterating on the conversationStack object). So far so good.

      The admin fills out the creation form and click the "Create" button that call a createUser method of a UserManagment bean. That method has @End annotation (since there is nothing more to be done after creating the user) and return an "outcome" string in order to display a confirmation page.

      Since the CreateUser method ends the conversation, the conversationStack is empty. Nevertheless, it would be nice to still have a "Create User" link in the breadcrumbs in the confirmation page.

      The @End annotation is needed in the createUser method because we can't expect the admin to end the conversation by clicking on a specific link in the confirmation page. And waiting the the conversation to end by itself after some timeout time doesn't seem a good pratice to me.

      Is there any way to end the conversation after the page is rendered, so that the conversationStack would still have the right entry object and we would be sure the conversation is ended when the admin sees the page?

      If that is not possible, is there anyone thinking of a nice way to implement this behaviour?

      Thanks a lot,