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    SFSB: Seam-State / EJB3Container-State

    Hans Zieg Newbie

      the Seam-reference documentation says, Seam provides deep integration with EJB 3.0 and fully supports EJB3.0 session-beans.

      It is clear that Seam manages state of components that are put into the seam-context using @Out and fetched from the context using @In.
      However if I have a stateful session bean, which contains components using @In/@Out, and also components without using @In/Out which are only used within the stateful bean but not in the weblayer. My question is, does seam manage the state of these components not using @In/@Out or is this complete responsibility of the EJB3-container?

      My 2nd question: The serverside state of the components using @In/@Out is also managed by the EJB container, right? I understand that the container isn´t able to manage the state between client and server(which is seams task), however, if the container saves the state of seam components using @In/@Out then the state is partly duplicated because its in the seam-context and in the ejb-container. Do I understand this correct?