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    Richfaces 3.2.2 not working wit pjl-comp-filter

    Daniel Wachter Newbie

      In my project I used the pjl-comp-filter for a better compression of the js.

      With Richfaces before 3.2.2 it worked like a charm.
      Now with 3.2.2 (GA and SR1) my rich components doesn't working any more... (sort doesn't work, a4j:support doesn't work...)

      Does anybody have an idea what can cause this problem?
      It would be very usefull if we can use the pjl-comp-filter:

      JS-Size (for a sample site):
      No-Compressing: 192.8k
      Richfaces Compressing: 155.4k
      pjl-comp-filter: 41.0k

      Thanks for answer...