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    @Out(jected) list Scope problem

    slawek t Novice


      I've got a code as shown below.

      Seam action (using in long running conversation):

      class ActionImpl implements Action {
       @Out( required = false, scope = ScopeType.EVENT )
       private List<SomeBean> someList
       public void someListFactory {
       // hiere the list is filling up
       someList = ...

      There is also xhtml somePage page which uses someList variable stored in EVENT context. When I invoke somePage page first time, someList list is filling by factory method and it's ok. EVENT scope is to provide values for one somePage display only. Another displaying this page should refreshing someList but it doesn't happen.

      I need refreshed data. How to solve this problem? It can't be refreshed (by factory method) even if I come back to this page from another one in the same conversation.
      It happens only if it's first showing somePage in new conversation.