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    Reverse engineering & seam

    Rui Rosado Newbie

      I'm still having problems with hibernate reveng and seam.
      I followed the all the suggestions in this forum.
      Last hint:
      I uninstalled the JBoss_IDE and installed the latest nightly build I could find: JossIDE_200607022024-nightly-ALL.zip
      Also installed all the build drivers on the nightly build page (e.g. ecllipse-SDK-3.2RC7-win32.zip,wtp-S-1.5RC4-200605310507.zip,GEF-SDK-3.2RC4.zip,emf-sdo-xsd-SDK-2.2.0RC6a.zip,JEM-SDK-1.2RC2.zip)
      I then repeted (almost step-by-step) the CRUD reverse engineering flash-demo. Using Oracle-XE. Everything works OK, and can deploy the application.
      Can also start the app at http://localhost:8080/seamapp.
      After clicking on one of the links (linking a JSF), I get the notorious
      javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot get value for expression ... error
      It does not matter if I insert ...myFacesLifecycleBug=true or not.
      It does not matter if I use the myfaces-api-1.1.3.jar

      Apparently something is missing, because you at JBoss can get this running. Is it maybe because I'm using the JBoss-IDE?

      What else can I have missed?

      Thanx for any suggestion.