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    Session scoped javabean problem

    Benjamin Neuman Newbie

      I've got a session scoped javabean that is not being "reused". A new one is created and put in session scope instead.

      public class RequisitionTabbedPaneBean implements TabChangeListener {
      public RequisitionTabbedPaneBean() {
       System.out.println("Constructing RequisitionTabbedPaneBean");

      Here's a piece of the JSF page:
      <t:panelTabbedPane id="requisitionTabbedPane" binding='#{RequisitionTabbedPaneBean.tabbedPane}' serverSideTabSwitch="true" width="100%" selectedIndex='#{RequisitionTabbedPaneBean.selectedTabIndex}'>

      But My ouput shows this at every request for that JSF page (two requests shown):
      Constructing RequisitionTabbedPaneBean
      Displaying page
      Constructing RequisitionTabbedPaneBean
      Displaying Page

      Any ideas? Thanks!