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    DataModelSelection without Outjection?

    sonja löhr Newbie

      My sfsb is annotated like that:

      public class MessageManagerBean extends ListManagerBean implements MessageManager {

      I have the following scenario:

      (The conversation has already begun before the page showing the list is displayed to the user).

      public List getList() {
       return list;
       @Out(required=false) @In(required=false, create=true)
       private FMessage message;
      public void select(ActionEvent event) {
       message = em.merge(message);

      The page displaying the message uses

      and everything works well.

      But if I remove
      @Out(required=false) @In(required=false, create=true)

      from the DatamodelSelection and instead use

      in the message display page, something goes wrong such that I get a NullpointerException while the Facelets debug mechanism calls toString() on my message.
      Why aren't the two approaches equal?