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    Continuously server restarting

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      I've been using seam for a while. It's great.

      However, one of the things that seems to slow down the development process is that any minor change in the code (even resource files) would require Tomcat to restart. - at least in my config -

      I've noticed also after one of the RCs that the EJB microcont. now takes forever to load.

      My environment is Eclipse 3.2, Callisto w/WTP plugin, Tomcat 5.5.x, Seam 1.0.1GA. The code is based on the DVD example.

      I've search the forums but only found other cases that report slugish performance but no answer yet.

      Would anything in my eclipse/wtp/Tomcat config be changed to avoid restarting the server? Any Jira issue to improve performance in EJB embeeded container?

      Your suggestions/comments very much appreciated.