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    Seam web services (RESTful ones)?

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      Are there any recommended best practices for constructing web services based on Seam? It would be very nice to get a sample REST-like web services app... right now the only path into Seam seems to be through JSF.

      It looks like you could write a sort of XML-based web service with Facelets, but I don't think it's exactly best practice... or is it? Anyway, are there any examples of using Seam without JSF per se, or is that not the best way to think about constructing REST-y web services with Seam?

      For instance, if I wanted to build something like the Flickr REST API http://www.flickr.com/services/api/response.rest.html with Seam, should I do it via Facelets for now?

      In an adjacent thread, Gavin says his priorities are AJAX + JSF and CRUD app generation. (I don't understand the app-generation focus, but maybe I'm just not worried enough by Rails ;-) Is anyone building Seam-based web services in the meantime?