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    Seam Code Generation Command Line Interface Available (seam-


      I've created a set of Seam code generation commands that allow a developer to get up and running with Seam quickly. At some point, the seam-gen commands will be extended into IDE plugins but they are very useful today. This command line interface is for developers that want productive tooling for Seam today. With seam-gen, you don't have to:

      Copy/paste your way into a working Seam project
      Figure out the proper location/syntax for application configuration files
      Write your own build script (seam-gen creates a pretty straightforward one for you)
      Hand write or copy/paste stub SFSBs, SLSBs, Entity Beans, Facelets, BPM Actions, TestNG testcases or MDBs. seam-gen will stub out these components for you
      Configure embedded-ejb for server-less testing

      Here's where you can get the seam-gen scripts: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossSEAMGen