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    Entity Beans, Hibernate, etc.

    Todd Main Newbie

      I'm really unclear on the relationship between EJB Entity Beans and Hibernate, with respect to Seam. I haven't used Entity Beans for years and years, back when they were declared evil and unusable. I've always used CMP session beans and either home grown persistence (ugh) or Hibernate.

      It's probable that Entity Beans have improved considerably since the dark age of their inception, but with the growth of Hibernate, I never saw any need for them. I had (have) no interest in having my entities be distributed objects, so I didn't see any use for them.

      Having said all that, how does all this work with Seam? The examples seem to fall into the categories of "with EJB" and "with no EJB". What about using EJB3 session beans and Hibernate persistence? Are there arguments for or against this?