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    one2many example

    Michael Kress Newbie


      I'm looking for a One2Many example which is just good enough for a beginner like me ... i.e. not too complicated ;-) I've looked at the issues example, but I could not simplify it for my purposes, it didn't work - the editor stuff killed me.
      In the end I'd like to descent several hierarchical layers like
      * client1
      * client1-contract1
      * client1-contract2
      * client1-contract2-contractdetail1
      * client1-contract2-contractdetail2
      * client1-contract2-contractdetail3
      * client2
      * client3
      having 3 entities: clients, contracts and contractdetails
      and 3 different pages listing each m clients, n contracts and so on ...
      Can you help with with a simple example or a pointer to an example?

      The interesting thing for me is the logical transfer of the @DataModelSelection to the next hierarchical layer which would be included in the where clause of the next layer's 'entityManager.createQuery("from ...' I think the next layer receives the Selection via injection but I'd like to see a whole working example.