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    Problem with session and SFSB timeouts

    Gregor Grambow Newbie

      hello everyone!

      i have a problem with session timeouts.
      i'm using jboss 4.0.4GA, seam 1.0.0GA and myfaces
      libs 1.1.3 and JAAS for URL based security.
      i have some SFSBs which have an idle timeout that is
      longer than the http session. i used the @CacheConfig
      annotation because there were problems when the SFSBs
      timed out before the session timed out. now when the
      session is over and the user clicks on a link or
      button on a page the jaas login screen appears. but
      when he logs in again he is not directed to the main
      menu but to the page he requested before. all the data
      of the expired session is still present and even when
      another login is used the data is still there. this
      happens only if there's a logout because of idle time,
      when the logout link is used (which triggers the
      seam.invalidateSession() method) everything's fine.
      it seems that the session scoped components don't
      die with the session, don't they depend directly on the
      http session? how could i manage that?