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    Master/Detail and Events

    Alexander Langer Newbie


      I'm using nested conversations for a wizard-like creation of objects and sub-objects, similar to the "issues" example. This works great so far.

      However, I can't figure how to raise events from a Conversation and let it find it's way up the conversation stack.

      Why do I need this? I want to update the @DataModel in the master-view while changing childs in the details view. Thanks to the nested conversations, users may have different workspaces like this:

      edit master (Conversation ID A) -------- edit child 1 (Conversation ID B)
       \-------- edit child 2 (...)
       \-------- ....

      Note that thanks to browser tabs you can have the edit-master view and different child views open at the same time, and you might want to reload the master view after you changed the child in another browser tab.

      My root-conversation Bean has a @DataModel and a @Factory method marked with @Observer("childObjectsChanged"). Now if a child in Conversation B is edited, I raise "childObjectsChanged". In fact, the @Factory method is called, BUT it is called in Conversation B only.

      Conversation A doesn't even see the Event, hence it is not updating the @DataModel (the @Factory method isn't called at all).

      Any idea how to push the event "childObjectsChanged" up to the master view? I'm currently using a "refresh" h:commandButton, but that's of course a pain for the users.

      Thanks in advance