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    Number Guess Example

    John Conner Newbie

      I can't seem to get the number example to work. I am using the latest cvs (just grabbed it). When I go to http://localhost:9090/seam-numberguess (yes I change the tomcat port to 9090 in jboss) it redirects to http://localhost:9090/seam-numberguess/numberGuess.seam and displays only the words on the page. None of the taglibs were executed. When I view the source, the tags are there; just not evaluated.

      Did I somehow disable compilation of jsp by mistake in tomcat?


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          John Conner Newbie

          nevermind, I figured it out.

          I use facelets so jsp errors are not what I'm used to troubleshooting in jboss/seam.

          My mistake was I replaced the jsf libraries in tomcat. I changed an entry in the web.xml pointing to the new library and everything worked.

           <description>MyFaces tlds</description>