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    still javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException on glassfish

    Ahmet Akyol Newbie

      hi, i try my own simple example which is like registration example, i mean there is only a saving thing but i really just can't solve this problem:

      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /student.xhtml @15,69 value="#{student.name}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'student' resolved to null

      what's all about? seam, jsf, facelets or session bean? i read about same problem but not any single useful answer

      i used what exactly Roger Kitain uses on his very last example. i also adapted conf files to my simple project which are in his patch ... i have tested this both on glassfish(v2 b11) and on SJASPE9 ... always same problem.

      P.S: I really liked seam and the idea behind. ejb3 seems simplified blah blah ... but it sometimes sounds as what they say "eating the elephant again???". I didn't eat before, because i was a hibernate fan, also on web tier i like nextapp echo not other stuff like jsf etc. Seam can make me think different but still a lot to learn.

      It's 6:00 am here in my country and i still try for a simple example. If it becomes complicated for a guy who is open to new technologies like me then be sure there is a problem right here. Maybe i am too sleepy and testy but please somebody prepare some blank projects for eclipse or netbeans(5.5). And some notes on conf files for help. because i want to go on my way, not copy-paste engineering, ok? Is it really too hard? But not just like hibernate tools seam application skeleton thing, i mean not jboss specific. i dont have any problem with jboss, but for politic reasons you have to prove that, it works fine on glassfish too.

      Anyway thanks already