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    Nested conversations clarrification

    Louis Coetzee Apprentice


      I have been playing around with nested conversations and ran into an iteresting situation. I would like to try and clarify my understanding...

      I have a conversation with some outjected variables e.g. an oujected variable : "component".

      When I start a nested conversation (@Begin(join=true)) I have access to the outjected variable "component".

      2. If I would change the value of this outjected "component" it now becomes part of the inner conversation
      2.1 and as a result gets destroyed when this nested conversation ends (@End) ? or
      2.2 and as a result becomes available to the outer conversation with the value that it received during the nested inner conversation (it does not get destroyed)?

      3. When returning to outer (initial) conversation the previously outjected "component" is
      3.1 not available because of 2.1 (is null and can be reinstantiated with a Factory for instance) ? or
      3.2 is available with the new value it received during the nested coversation ?

      My feeling is that 2.1 and 3.1 is most likely what is supposed to happen ? Is that correct ?