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    Get / Post

    Hans Zieg Newbie


      in my application session-id and conversation-id are added to the url, because of using get-request. How can I switch to post-request in order to be not able anymore to see these id´s ?



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          Gavin King Master

          Use a h:commandLink or h:commandButton

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            Hans Zieg Newbie

            I specified already in the form: method="post" and then nothing is displayed in the url anymore when I click for example the submit button of the form. That works already and is not the problem I meant.

            The problem is, when I call directly the method of a SFSB, which is annotated with @begin, by using pages.xml(through action-mapping)
            then the page which gets displayed contains in the url the conversation-id and the session-id. And in that case no html-form was used.
            So the configuration method="get" for this request must have happend internally somewhere, but I have no idea where exactly? How can I change this behaviour to method="post" ?

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              Hans Zieg Newbie

              Is nobody here who can help with that problem?